Union and Lawmaker Propose to Violate Caregiver Privacy

California legislators always act as though they care about protecting the personal information of Californians, unless of course, there’s a political or financial reason to go against their core value – which is exactly what’s happening to cause a lawmaker and union to propose a new law which violates caregiver privacy. An Article written by

Take Steps to Protect Parents From Credit Card and Financial Abuse

Denial is a powerful self-preservation tool – it helps to keep us hopeful and moving forward in bad situations. But denial of a parent’s or client’s lack of capacity with respect to credit cards and money is the perfect backdrop for financial fraud. Lack of financial capacity requires some sort of action to keep people

Know the Rules and Risks When Hiring In Home Care

Making an educated choice about hiring in home care requires knowing the rules, the risks and how to mitigate them. This applies to families and professionals, such as fiduciaries – advisers hired by clients or appointed by the courts to oversee a person’s financial, health and living affairs. Fiduciaries have an added potential liability in

Home Care Takes Planning, Not Reacting

  Home care needs are inevitable for most of us, and planning instead of simply reacting helps promote a safer and less stressful home care experience for family members.  At Home Nursing Care is here to help with your home care needs. It’s been called the Silver Tsunami, a burst in the number of elderly