katherineAt Home Nursing Care is not only licensed, but accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care, (ACHC), to provide nursing bigger-version-insideservices across San Diego County and Los Angeles County.This accreditation signifies we meet stringent national quality standards and continually evaluate our nursing program to promote client and staff safety and quality outcomes.

Our compassionate, friendly and dedicated nurses can provide constant safety monitoring, assistance with medication management, g-tube or j-tube feedings, infusions, wound care and more. Nurses are available for visits, shifts starting at four hours to eight or twelve hours and we also specialize in around the clock, 24/7 nursing care at home.

Why would a client need a nurse? Clients with complex medical conditions who are not appropriate for assistive living communities
often choosein home nursing over moving into a skilled nursing facility. With quality LVN’s and RN’s, we can effectively and professionally manage our clients’ medical needs at home, along with making sure their physical, spiritual and emotional needs are met as well.

dsc_0093Our in home nursing services begin with a visit by our Nursing Supervisor. She completes an assessment which includes talking with the client and family about their goals, expectations, what attributes they desire in a nurse, diagnosis, medications and allergies, past surgeries, safety needs, equipment needs and more. Each client must be under the care of a licensed California physician in good standing. Working with that physician and with a physician’s order, the nursing supervisor creates a home health plan of care.

This plan guides our in home nursing services and ensures that medications are administered properly and timely, that nutritional needs are met, that the client is getting the physical therapy or rehabilitation services required. Our in home nurses chart per our accreditation standards and follow the best practices and protocols. They participate in twelve training sessions per year; ensuring that their skills are up to date and that they are informed of the latest trends or occurrences in home care nursing.

We accept private pay and long term care insurance for in home nursing services. Some services, such as infusions, are covered by an insurance contract that we have. We also contract with the California Department of Education to provide LVN’s and RN’s in local school districts so medically fragile children can attend classes with their peers.

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